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Not all dogs have the same temperament, which is actually a good thing. There is a dog personality for every person’s personality. Some dogs are extremely calm and relaxed while others can be high-strung and energetic. There is no right or wrong personality; just the dog you love.

Kenneling your dog is often the best option when you are going to be away for a period of time. Asking friends and family members is an option but often it places a burden on them as they are also busy individuals who might not be able to care for your dog as best as possible.

By kenneling your dog, you are ensuring that they are getting exercise, socializing, and being cared for throughout the day.

If your dog is calm and relaxed it is often an easy choice to leave them with a kennel. However, if your dog is high-strung, you might have some apprehensions towards kenneling them. Here are some tips for kenneling your high-strung dog.

One Step At a Time

Prior to kenneling your dog for a long period time, give it a trial run. This is the best way to acclimate your dog to the kennel. Often, kennels provide shorter term services such as doggy daycare, where you can drop your dog often for the day or half the day.

By taking advantage of this short term offer, you are allowing your dog to get short doses of what life will be like in the kennel. Your dog can run and play with the other dogs and after four to eight hours, will be back in your arms.

For a high-strung dog, simply knowing that you will always be returning to get them can reduce their anxiety.

If you really want to commit to the acclimation stage, drop your dog off at the kennel for a longer period such as an overnight stay or two days. Again, slowly acclimating your dog to the kennel will prepare it for the longer duration you need to have it there in the future.

Helping your dog acclimate to its surroundings in the kennel can be a very important step for a high-strung dog.

Good Exercise Before Dropping Them Off

Prior to dropping them off for the first day of an extended stay with the kennel, you should exercise your dog thoroughly. Exercising your dog regularly should be part of your daily routine, however it is a must before a kennel stay.

Go for a run with your dog, take them on a hike, let them play at the dog park, or take a long walk through a nature trail. A tired dog is often a calm dog.

If you exercise your dog thoroughly prior to dropping them off, they won’t have the energy to be anxious when you leave. Their tired disposition will help them socialize with the other dogs without being aggressive which could potentially carry on throughout the entire stay.

If you drop off your high-strung dog without properly exercising them beforehand, you can expect a very energetic and anxious departure. Your dog might also not socialize as well because they will have too much pent up energy. This pent up energy could turn into aggression towards other dogs which will make your dog’s stay less enjoyable.

Advise the Kennel

A lot of kennels will screen dogs, particularly larger ones, prior to admitting them into the kennel. This is done to assess the dog’s disposition and to protect the safety of all dogs at the kennel.

If your dog is high-strung, be upfront about it. High-strung is not the same as an aggressive or bad dog and kennel employees know this. So you shouldn’t fear that the kennel will reject your dog. Regardless, the caregivers at the kennel will find out sooner or later as to what personality type your dog is. It is better to give them the heads up ahead of time so they can plan your dog’s activities accordingly.

Most times, the staff members at kennels are extremely well equipped to handle high-strung dogs. After all, they work with dogs for a living. If they know the personality of your dog up front, they will be able to better serve the dogs need throughout its stay with the kennel.

So to recap, the best tips for what to do when placing your high-strung dog in a kennel is to acclimate them gradually, exercise them well prior to dropping them off, and advise the kennel of their personality. Following these tips will help to provide a comfortable and happy stay for your high-strong yet lovable dog.

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Placing Your High-Strung Dog In a Kennel: What To Do

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