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Thinking about a long-haired dog? There’s a lot of grooming. But, surprisingly, some short haired dog breeds can shed a lot as well!

For the most part, getting a long haired or short haired dog is simply a matter of personal experience. Some people just love the look of luxurious long fur on a dog, and other people see it only as a bother.

Long-haired dogs usually require more grooming time to keep their fur free from mats and looking good. So, if you get a long-haired dog breed, you may end up spending more time at the groomers, or brushing your long-haired dogs fur yourself. Just be aware that short-haired dog breeds don’t necessarily shed less than long-haired dogs. Either way, just make sure you get the very best vacuum for dog hair to help clean up all that mess!

Some owners of short-haired dog breeds, like Labrador Retrievers and Boxers, say that their short hair is much harder to clean up, as it weaves its way into furniture and clothing fibers.

Dogs with both an inner and outer coat tend to shed more than dogs with a single coat. Short-haired dogs with both an outer coat and inner coat may actually shed more than many long-haired dogs.

Hairless dogs
While hairless dogs, by definition, do not shed, they have some disadvantages that might outweigh the fact that they don’t shed. Many hairless dogs need greater maintenance than dogs with hair.

Because of the lack of hair, hairless dogs can be prone to sunburn, their skin can become dry and require moisturizer, and they may become cold easier than dogs with hair. And don’t forget, you’ll still have to clip a hairless dog’s nails, and keep their ears clean and healthy!

Hairless dog breeds include:

  • American Hairless Terrier
  • Chinese Crested Dog
  • Hairless Dog
  • Mexican Hairless Dog
  • Peruvian Hairless Dog
Do you Want a Long-haired, Short-haired or Hairless Dog?

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