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Dog life jacketA good dog life jacket should have a sturdy top handle for grabbing your dog out of the water. Quick release buckles can make it much easier to get your dog in and out of the water.

Life jackets with a breatheable mesh underbelly can help keep your dog’s stomach and chest area drier. At the same time a dog life jacket with a neoprene underbelly can help keep your dog warmer in cold water.

The life jacket should fit so that the dog can go pee with the jacket on. Well designed dog life jackets have a cut out in the middle for male dogs. This will eliminate potential accidents, and save you the hassle of struggling to get the dog out of the jacket in a pee emergency.



Other great features to look for in a dog life jacket:

  • safety reflective strips
  • adjustable straps
  • quick-release buckles
  • velcro fastening system (especially great for owners with arthritis)
  • water resistant (do not hold water)


Best Dog Life Jackets
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