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Dog accidents are pretty common even though they are not usually fatal thanks to dog owner’s frequent dog vaccinations and grooming. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), over 4.5 million people suffer dog bites annually. Also, of the over 4.5 million, only about 850,000 see a doctor.

The good news is that most of them do not result in major injuries or even any injuries at all. Dog bites are more frequent among teens, preteens, and toddlers and occur more among the males than the females.

So, why would anyone want to sue dog owners for dog bites? It is simple: the psychological trauma can be quite debilitating for kids, causing nightmares and keeping them in a state of perpetual fear.  So, the onus lies on you, the dog owner, to prevent any dog bites from happening either on your watch or even when you are not there.

Watch for Aggressive Dog Behaviors

If you’ve had your dog for a while, then you know how it behaves when it is with you alone, when you are out walking with it, and when visitors come around. You also know how it acts when it does not like someone. Be careful and watchful of all of this and then take special note of its aggressive behaviors.

Most times, when dogs get aggressive, you’ll find that they’ll have flaring nostrils, low growls or barking depending on the dog. Furthermore, the furs on the back and neck will stand upright, the ears will point upwards, and it will bare its teeth in a menacing manner.

All of these are just some of its aggressive anti-social behaviors. If your dog starts displaying this very often, it might be suffering from dysplasia (anti-social dog behavior) or even be sick. If this frequently happens, get a vet to check him/her out just to be safe.

Teach them to Socialize

It is your job to teach the dogs how to identify family friends and even casual guests. This way, they do not mistake your out-of-town cousin for an intruder in the house when they come visiting. Teach them some self-restraint so that even if they are unfamiliar with the visitor, they will not lunge at or attack the person until you give them the express permission to do so.

This might be quite difficult to do by yourself. So, get a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT) or Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist (CAAB) to train your dog whilst you are there.  Getting the appropriate training will drastically lessen and reduce its tendency to want to attack and bite others.

Don’t Buy Dogs from Pet Stores

While we are all for saving and adopting dogs, we would not recommend buying dogs from pet stores. If you must buy from a pet store, they should be puppies that are healthy, can be trained to become domestic and family friendly. This is because most pet store puppies are usually provided by commercial dog breeders who keep the dogs in unsanitary and overcrowded conditions.

They are also known to be raised without the necessary vet care and human contact that makes them fit for domestic use. As a result, they tend to be sick with respiratory infections like pneumonia or other conditions such as hip dysplasia. The bottom line is that decent dog owners do not sell their dogs through pet stores.

Don’t Allow the Dog Run Around Without Supervision

Always keep your dog chained indoors instead of allowing it run around in an unprotected or unfenced yard where they can dash into the street and attack passersby. This will go a long way in minimizing any dog attacks. This tip is particularly important for dog owners whose dogs are guard and attack dogs.

Finally, you’ll want to have your dog vaccinated frequently, keep the dog away from normal paths, and always have the “beware of dogs” warning up. Taking these actions will help prevent dog bite victims from getting any infections and will keep people from wandering unknowingly into your compound.

The author, Oscar King, is an avid dog lover who couldn’t imagine life without his furry companion by his side. However, he also knows that not everybody is as well versed as he is, and sometimes people find themselves attacked by man’s best friend. For Orlando area residents who suffer dog bite attacks he highly recommends the Law Offices of David R. Heil for legal representation. You can learn more about Oscar by visiting on Google+.

4 Ways Dog Owners Can Prevent Dog Bite Accidents
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