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Where to Adopt a Dog

There are numerous ways to adopt a dog. Breeders, Puppy Mills, Classifieds, Pet Stores, Adoption Centers, friends and relatives, etc. It is up to you to decide from where you want to buy one.

After doing a lot of research into Puppy Mills (most Pet Stores use them) we recommend to sticking with reputable breeders and adoption centers (such as shelters and the SPCA). We include a full list in our Guide to Choosing a Dog. Here are a few sites to start you off in Canada and the US.


Petfinder is a great online resource for finding dogs for adoption in the US and Canada. They claim that about 60% of dogs in the US and Canada are adopted through them.

Adopt An Animal
Adopt An Animal is a Canadian site that lists all the places to adopt an animal in Canada.

Adopt a Pet
Adopt a pet is a comprehensive listing of animal shelters that can help you find the perfect dog or puppy to adopt.

Dogs for Adoption
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