How to Adopt a Dog

Active Dog Fetching Ball Adopt Dog

One of the kindest, most responsible ways to get a dog is to adopt a dog that’s unwanted. Adopting a dog today is quite easy

Many people don’t want to adopt a dog from a rescue or animal shelter because they think of a used dog like a used car. After all, who wants someone else’s mistake and problem? Not true – when you adopt a dogs life improves immeasureably.

Truth is, most dogs at shelters are wonderful pets just waiting for someone to love them. They’ve ended up at the shelter because of their owners’ divorce or allergies, the owner becoming ill or unable to care for them or moving, a poor match with their owner (for example, a relaxed dog that only wants to hang out on the couch, matched with an owner who wants a running companion), or a hundred other reasons that are not the dog’s fault.

Choosing a Healthy Puppy before you Fall in Love

Choosing a Puppy Before You Fall In Love

One of the most common questions I’m asked is how to choose a healthy puppy. I’ve always responded by giving people the same list of things to look for. My book even talks about signs of bad health in puppy, discharge from the eyes, dry, matted fur, irregular breathing, and so on. Despite this, the same people would come and talk to me a month later, after they’d gotten their puppy, telling me about the puppy’s health problems.

What went wrong? I’d gone to a lot of trouble to help them in choosing a healthy puppy, but they’d still ended up with a little puppy with health issues.

They fell in love. That’s what went wrong.