Why Do You Want A Dog?

Why do you want a dog dog on pillow cute

Do you want a dog?

There are a lot of wonderful reasons to want a dog to become part of your life. People want a dog for love, companionship, and even an exercise partner. But beware if you want a dog for one of the following reasons.

For your child When you buy a puppy for your kids, be well aware that the person cleaning up the dog poo, filling the water dish, letting the dog out at six in the morning will be… you. Do you think that your children will take care of the dog’s feeding, watering, and walking? If so, think again…

Thinking about getting a Purebred Dog?

Thinking about getting a purebred dog spaniel puppy

Purebred dog lovers swear by the reliability of their breeds temperament and looks. Getting a purebred from a reputable, caring breeder can be a wonderful choice for you and your family.

Physical characteristics One of the key advantages of purebreds is that their basic physical characteristics, such as size, weight, color, and coat are fairly fixed. For example, Golden Retrievers are known for their long, golden coat and size. If you want a purebred Golden Retriever puppy, you can be quite certain that she won’t be 20 pounds, with a short, spotted coat.

A purebred is a great choice if you want a dog that is a specific size, or has a specific type of coat (for example, a short or non-shedding coat).

Often tested for health or genetic defects Have predictable temperaments Have predictable physical characteristics Choosing a purebred is great if you’re looking for a dog for a specific function, for example, a guard dog, a hunting dog, a dog to herd sheep, pull a sled, or even dig for truffles

Should you get a Male or Female Dog?

Should you get a Male or Female Dog?

Ahhh… the old controversy – which is better? A boy or a girl dog?

Many first-time dog owners want a female dog, because they think they’re less trouble. Others like a male dog because there’s no danger of being stuck with puppies.

An individual dog can always be much different than generalizations suggest. I’ve seen many male dogs that were completely docile sweethearts, and females that were aggressive and wanted to wander. Overall, deciding to get a female or male dog is just preference.

If you plan to spay or neuter your dog, then it probably won’t make a big difference if you get a male or female dog.