Finding the Best Dog Life Vest

Dog Life Vest

Do dogs really need a life vest? Most people believe that dogs are naturals in the water. This is a common misconception; some dogs hate the water and will panic if they fall in unexpectedly. Some dogs like greyhounds have almost no body fat, and so don’t float well, and get cold in the water quickly. Breeds like labs love the water, but can run into trouble as they become older or overweight. Even fit water dogs can become tired when overexerting themselves in the water, and can drown from this fatigue.

Dogs are also just as vulnerable as people in a boating accident. A dog can be injured during a boat accident, making it difficult for the dog to swim. Dogs can also jump off boats when you’re not looking, and drown while waiting for you to rescue them.

Besides, a dog life vest is ridiculously cute. Your dog will be the hit of the party in snazzy new waterwear.