Hypoallergenic Dogs

Malti-poo Hyperallergenic dog

Are you considering a non-shedding dog to help alleviate allergies or asthma?

Here’s something you might not have heard before: it’s not dog hair that triggers problems in humans. So, the best dogs for allergies aren’t necessarily non-shedding dogs.

Proteins in dog skin, saliva, dander, and even dog urine are what trigger allergies and allergic reactions. Dog fur can also collect allergens like dust, mold, and pollen. All of this means there are no real hypoallergenic dogs.

Getting a non-shedding dog will do little to reduce asthmatic or allergic reactions, since all dogs have the proteins that cause problems. Unfortunately, truly hypoallergenic dogs simply do not exist, despite what some unethical breeders may say.