Nonshedding Dog Breeds

Nonshedding Dog Breeds

Is your dog’s shedding a problem? Want to reduce the dog hair on your sofa and car seats? There may be a bit of hope, as there are quite a few non shedding dogs.

While the idea of non shedding dogs is appealing, most non shedding dog breeds are just breeds that tend to shed less than others. Many of these breeds have less of a undercoat, shorter fur, or fur that’s less bulky and dense.

That said, some Terrier breeds, Schnauzers, and Poodles shed less than other breeds.

Small and Tiny Dog Breeds

How small is a small dog? Small dogs weigh about 12 to 30 pounds. Small dog types are a terrific choice for someone in a smaller house or apartment, or who would have trouble physically caring for a larger dog. Small dog types may shed less and give off less allergens than larger dogs (simply because they have less hair and a smaller body).

Small dog breeds tend to live, on average, about 14 years. Some small dog types live much longer, and some Terrier breeds can easily live to be 20 years old.

Small dog types tend to have some health issues, but these are usually related to specific breed characteristics, rather than their smaller size. Dachshunds, for example, tend to have spinal problems that result from breeding for their long bodies, and Pugs often have breathing problems that come from breeding for their unusually short noses.